on Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma

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“Feocromocitomas y Paragangliomas” con Dr. Jaydira Del Rivero Presentadora: Jaydira Del Rivero, MD Endocrinologist, Oncologist; NIH – en español


Education Webinar Series

Episode 31 – Recent Internal Guidelines on the Management of Carriers and Pheo Para Patients with SDH Pathogenic Variants – Dr. Karel Pacak and Dr. David Taieb

Episode 30 – The Multiple Faces of SDHB-Related Paraganglioma – Dr. Ali Alzahrani

Episode 29 – Fourth Annual Fireside Chat Ask the Doc – Dr. Karel Pacak

Special Informational Webinar – After AZEDRA: Moving Forward Together – Dr. Camilo Jimenz, Dr. Erik Mittra, Dr. Daniel Pryma

Episode 28 – We Can’t Find the Pheo: No Tumor, Yet Symptoms – Dr. Hans Ghayee

Episode 27 – Five Years Since Azedra FDA Approval: What Have We Learned? – Dr. Vineeth Sukrithan (View an important announcement about AZEDRA here.)

Episode 26 – Diagnosing Pheo Para: Properly Reading Labs and Avoiding Pitfalls – Dr. Jacques Lenders and Dr. Christina Pamporaki

Episode 25 – Somatostatin Receptor PET Imaging: Why and When – Dr. David Taieb

Episode 24 – Third Annual Fireside Chat Ask the Doc – Dr. Karel Pacak

Episode 23 – World NET Cancer Day Special:  Effective Communication With Your Healthcare Team

Episode 22 – Topic Management of Skull Base Paragangliomas – Dr. Neil Patel

Episode 21 – Topic Precision Surgery – Dr. Electron Kebebew

Episode 20 – Topic SSI – Jeffrey Rodriguez

Episode 19 – Topic Disability – Jeffery Rodriguez

Episode 18 – Topic Ask the Doc/Fireside Chat – Dr. Karel Pacak

Episode 17 – Topic Navigating Insurance & Financial Toxicity – Joanna Fawzy Morales, Esq.

Episode 16 – Topic Radiopharmaceutical Therapy – Dr. Erik Mittra

Episode 15 – Topic Pediatric Pheo Para – Dr. Steven Waguespack

Episode 14 – Topic Pheo Para & Pregnancy – Dr. Irina Bancos

Episode 13 – Topic We Have a Genetic Mutation, Addressing Family Dynamics – Samantha Greenberg, GC

Episode 12 – Topic Ask the Doc – Dr. Karel Pacak

Episode 11 – Topic I Have a Genetic Mutation, Now What? – Samantha Greenberg, GC

Episode 10 – Topic Pheo, Para & GIST – Dr. Jason Sicklick

Episode 9 – Topic Pheo Para Research Update – Dr. Rory Clifton-Bligh

Episode 8 – Topic Manifestations of Pheo Para – Dr. Camilo Jimenez

Episode 7 – Topic Pheo Para Surgery – Drs. Michael Yeh & Masha Livhits

Episode 6 – Topic COVID-19 & Pheo Para v.3 – Drs. Justin Annes & Karel Pacak

Episode 5 – Topic: COVID-19 & Pheo Para v. 2 – Dr. Karel Pacak

Episode 4 – Topic: COVID-19 & Pheo Para – Drs. Justin Annes & Karel Pacak

Episode 3 – Topic: Pheo Para Genetics – Dr. Lauren Fishbein, UC Health, Download slides

Episode 2 – Topic: Biochemical Testing for Diagnosis – Graeme Eisenhofer, PhD & Jacques Lenders, MD, PhD, FRCP, Download slides

Episode 1 – Topic: Metatastatic Pheo Para – Dr. Karel Pacak, NIH, and moderated by Pat Collins, NBC4, WashingtonDownload slides


2022 Virtual Pheo Para Conference

(subtitles in multiple languages available!)

The Pheo Para Universe from A to Z – CRASH! Course in Pheo Para Superheroes

The Incredibles: A Phearless Phamily Story – Pheo Para Genetics

X-Ray Vision – Imaging for Pheo Para

Keeping Your Incredible Hulk Under Control & What Happens When It’s Not – Pre-Surgical Preparation & Hypertensive Crisis

POOF! WOW! – It’s Gone! Pheo Para Surgical Treatment

Treating our Small, but Mighty Superheroes – Pheo Para Pediatrics

Zap! Can Nuclear Medicine Give You Superpowers? – Non-Surgical Treatment of Metastatic & Unresectable Pheo Para

Living With Not-So-Super Symptoms – Adrenal Insufficiency After Bilateral Adrenalectomy

The Phuture for Pheo Para Superheroes – Clinical Trials & Research on the Horizon

The Pheo Para Superheroes Have Spoken – Listen Up! – Data Presented on SCOPPE Patient Survey

Wow! Ask the Pheo Para Superhero Whizzes – A Q&A Session