Facebook Live Webinar Series, Episode 1

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Special thanks to Progenics for making this Facebook Live Webinar possible.

  1. 32:08 Is this disease really as rare as it is thought to be?
  2. 34:02 How can someone reach out to the NIH and possibly get treated?
  3. 35:27 For MIBG, do women who are breastfeeding need to be in isolation and if so for how long?
  4. 36:33 Have any new genes been found that produce an excess of red blood cell production?
  5. 37:40 Are anxiety and panic attacks with sweating symptoms of pheo and para?
  6. 39:38 Are there any over the counter medications one can take to help the drug therapies work better?
  7. 42:08 What are the chances of para recurrence after surgical resection?
  8. 44:29 Is it always stage 4 when it has spread to the bone? What is the life expectancy?
  9. 45:40 Is surgery an option for a pheo that hasn’t metastasized?
  10. 47:28 Does having a ruptured pheo increase the chances of the ruptured pieces spreading?
  11. 49:23 Do alpha blockers possibly make panic attacks worse?
  12. 50:18 Are blood-tests good enough for follow up with pheo para disease?
  13. 51:31 How easy is it to get CT or MRI scans?
  14. 52:30 Is there a place one could go to be treated with interventional radiology for a metastatic liver?
  15. 54:27 How long does it take blood pressure to return to normal after pheo surgery?
  16. 55:20 What is on the horizon for therapies for this disease?