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4th Annual Never Give Up Phitness Challenge

We Need You! (& your phriends & their phriends!)

May 6-19, 2024

Save the Date!

From May 6-19 – WALK/RUN/RIDE ANYWHERE ANYTIME, to support those affected.
During these two weeks, you will go into full-on beast mode to raise funds and awareness for those affected by pheo para.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Register & create your own personal and team fitness and fundraising goals. Don’t forget to make a donation when you register to kick off your fundraising!

Step 2: Join or create a team during the registration process and invite your phriends and phamily to join you!

Step 3: Connect your favorite wearable fitness tracker (this is optional – you can manually enter your activity if you don’t have a fitness tracker)

Step 4: Spread the word to phriends and pfamily by inviting them to donate, and keep them up to date on how it’s going.

Step 5: Between May 6-19, GET MOVING and track your fundraising and fitness goals on the app!

Prizes, Contests & More!

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