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Pheo Para Alliance Designated UCLA Endocrine Center as Center of Excellence

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Multi-Disciplinary Review of Medical Records

Patient Feedback Requested – University of Iowa


what is pheo para?


Pheochromocytoma is commonly referred to as

“the great mimic”

because its symptoms are often mistaken for other conditions.


of patients found to have adrenal masses incidentally are diagnosed with pheochromocytoma

The incidence of pheochromocytoma is

1 in 3,000

patients will be diagnosed with a pheo para


Less than 1% of high blood pressure cases are due to pheochromocytoma

given these statistics, it is considered a rare disease.

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Sierra’s Story

Sierra’s story begin in Febuary 2016. She was 8 years old. Out of nowhere she had no appetite, wasn’t drinking and lost about 20 lbs. Over a 6 month span, she was fussing horribly about right side…


Ever since I was six years old, I had complained to my parents that my heart hurt. This was a daily issue, getting sent to get EKG’s constantly and every result came back normal. Doctors refused to…


My name is Tony Kipkemboi. I was born and raised in Kenya before moving to the United States for college at 19 years of age. My college was paid for through athletic scholarship (cross country & track.)…

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