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PPA Welcomes New Patient Engagement Committee Chair!

Please join Pheo Para Alliance in officially welcoming Jennefer Marchetti as Pheo Para Alliance Patient Engagement Committee Chair!  Many of you know Jen as an active member of our monthly peer support meetings, and as a volunteer on our Awareness Week Committee for two years now. She also joined other patients on Capitol Hill in April for the annual Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Hill Day!
Jen succeeds Jennifer Manzo, who chaired this committee until late last year. We sincerely thank Jennifer for her leadership of this committee, and her support of other patients through her ongoing work as a peer support volunteer.
Upon learning of her selection as Chair, Jen sent us the following introduction and remarks:

My name is Jen Marchetti and I am from Massachusetts. I am a pheochromocytoma patient diagnosed in 2015. I know the many emotions that come with the diagnosis journey. I felt frustrated, confused, alone and a spiral of many more emotions. After the removal of my pheochromocytoma I had complications and was told by doctors they were rare compilations and that doctors were not sure why I was having these significant health issues. I decided to search for myself and found the PPA. I joined my first PPA awareness week in 2021 participating in a video of fellow PPA patients. The following year I decided to join the Awareness Week Committee and have been doing so ever since. I often joined the monthly support meetings and recently volunteered officially as a one-on-one peer support person.

Awareness, research, support and most importantly HOPE are very important to me and have been even prior to my diagnosis. Through my experience I learned the power of HOPE and that each one of us is a beacon of hope for someone else. There is no need to do anything to be that beacon just knowing there are others out there is helpful to us all. I am not alone; you are not alone.  We all share in the uniqueness of this disease. No one person with a pheo or para has the same experience and with that I do believe we stand united.

As Patient Engagement Committee Chair my goal is to bring us together, to support us all in our quest to live our uniquely best life the best way we can.

We’re sincerely grateful for her willingness to assume this role, and look forward to seeing where Jen’s leadership takes us!
We currently have openings on all committees, so if you’re interested in volunteering with us, click here to let us know!