Fundraise Online

When diagnosed with pheo para, it is common to feel alone and powerless against the illness.  People want to help, but don’t know how.  Holding an online fundraiser is empowering for you, your loved ones and those who don’t know how to help.  It can also be a great way to tell people about your or your loved ones pheo para journey.

Fundraise on social media, by text or email!
The Gala is held annually in September.  This year’s event is scheduled for 9/30/23 in Bethesda, MD.
The Past & The Link to The Future  – A Gala benefiting Pheo Para Alliance
Featuring the sounds of Sal Valentinetti brings us back for a night of BIG-BAND  & BIG-PHUN.
All proceeds benefit the Pheo Para Alliance mission to invest in research to accelerate treatments and cures while empowering patients, their families and medical professionals through advocacy, education and a global community of support.
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Walk/run/ride — Participants go into full-on beast-mode to raise funds and awareness for those affected by pheo para.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Register & create your own personal and team fitness and fundraising goals.

Step 2: Join or create a team during the registration process and invite your phriends and phamily to join you!

Step 3: Connect your favorite wearable fitness tracker (this is optional – you can manually enter your activity if you don’t have a fitness tracker)

Step 4: Spread the word to phriends and pfamily by inviting them to donate, and keep them up to date on how it’s going.

Step 5: During the 14-day campaign, GET MOVING and track your fundraising and fitness goals on the app!

In 2023, over 160 participants completed 8,000 miles and raised $16,000!

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Host an In-Person Event

Throw a Party!  What are your hobbies, interests, passions?  Create a fundraiser around something you are passionate about and your family and friends will sign up in droves!  We have done it all, walks, runs, BBQ’s, kickball tournaments, beer tasting, wine tasting, whiskey tasting, benefit concert, sock hop, chicken drop (we can fill you in;), galas, golf tournaments, cornhole tournaments, trivia nights, long-distance hikes, the list goes on and on!

We can help set up a registration and donation page, create a flyer, publicize the event, and guide and support you to make sure your event is fun and successful.  Check out this event guide filled with resources on how to hold your own event.

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Corporate & Foundation Gifts

Will you join us as an Agent of Change?  Pheo Para Alliance is the only organization dedicated to pheo para, and we work closely with all constituents including healthcare providers, researchers, patients and caregivers.

If you share our passion to support those affected by pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma and facilitate research to find new treatments and a cure, we look forward to speaking with you.

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Monthly Giving

Your monthly gift can:

1. Allow you to donate more over the course of a year than a one-time donation.

2. Allow Pheo Para Alliance to plan our mission activities better.

$100/mo. – 30 patients/caregivers attend the International Pheo Para Conference

$50/mo. – Supply and send out Care Kits to 5 newly diagnosed patients every month

$25/mo. – Hold online monthly peer support meetings

$10/mo. – Supply one hospital with patient education resources for a year

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Planned Giving

When you remember Pheo Para Alliance in your estate plans, you are providing us the power to continue our work for years to come.  Planned giving involves integrating your charitable gift into your overall financial, tax and estate planning objectives to maximize benefits for you and for Pheo Para Alliance.

Leaving funds to Pheo Para Alliance is a meaningful way to provide us with financial security while you save on estate taxes. A bequest, fully deductible for estate tax purposes, might place your estate in a lower tax bracket. You may bequest cash, property or appreciated securities.

An unrestricted gift enables us to use the funds to support whatever programs are deemed most urgent at the time. Or you can specify how your gift will be used. If you plan to make a restricted gift, kindly contact us to make sure we can fulfill your request.

Suggested Wording for a Specific Bequest
“Leave [dollar amount] to the Pheo Para Alliance, or its successor, to be used for general purposes of the organization.”

Suggested Wording for a Residual Bequest
“All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, real and personal, give, devise and bequeath to the Pheo Para Alliance, a non-profit corporation, to be used for general purposes of the organization.”

Read this document for other ways to leave a planned gift to PPA.  Important Note: In all cases, it is advisable for you to consult your own financial planner, tax or legal advisor when you consider making a planned gift.

To learn more about planned giving please contact Stephanie Alband, Executive Director at or 442-615-9221.

Employee Giving


Many employers have employee giving and matching gift programs.  Ask your HR department if they have a program, and reach out to us at if we can provide you with anything to facilitate the donation.