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SNMMI Annual Patient Education Day Recap

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) held its Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada from June 8th-11th 2024, and Pheo Para Alliance was there to spread awareness about pheo para, learn what’s on the horizon in nuclear medicine, and connect with prhiends.

Over 5000 nuclear medicine professionals and members of the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) were in attendance at this year’s event to share information about the latest developments in nuclear medicine and imaging, and to present on their use in diagnosing and treating patients. A vital part of this effort is Patient Education Day, a special day full of educational sessions designed to give patients a better understanding of these tools and treatments.

This year’s Patient Education Day was held on Sunday, June 9th. Morning sessions included a primer on nuclear medicine from Dr. John Sunderland, University of Iowa, and an in-depth look, courtesy of Sunnybrook Research Institute’s Dr. Simron Singh, at what clinical trials are why all patients should consider participation if eligible. An afternoon NETS breakout session featured talks from Dr. Shereen Ezzat, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Dr. Elcin Zan, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Dr. Richard Baum, University of Frankfurt on NETs Therapies and Clinical Trials, Imaging (Molecular and Traditional) of NETs, and The Past, Present and Future of Theranostics for NETs, respectively.

The day’s highlight came during the lunch hour, when Miranda Edwards (“Pheo vs Fabulous”) took the stage to talk about the patient experience, drawing on her own deep and complex history with cancer, primarily as a pheo para patient and, more recently, a thyroid cancer patient as well. Miranda’s presentation was lucid, authentic, energetic, and empowering – and her first public talk!

Those with pheo para who attended the live event gathered afterward for a rare evening of camaraderie among phriends. We’re grateful to those who were able to join us, and thank Josh Mailman (NorCal CarciNET) for spending the evening with us!

Those interested in may view all of the day’s presentations, including Miranda’s talk, on the SNMMI website.