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webinar series — episode 22

Special thanks to Progenics for making this webinar series possible.

The information presented on this webinar is for educational purposes only and should not substitute the advice of your doctor(s) and medical team because they have in depth knowledge of your medical history and current situation.

View Dr. Patel’s slides here. 

Questions & timing are below:

Q 1 at 37:45: Interested in anything and everything he wants to share about this subject. Also, would like to know how he became interested in this.

Q 2 at 39:49 Any advice for patients on how to best support communication amongst specialist — endocrinologist, surgeon, radiologist — in the shared decision-making model for treatment decisions?

Q 3 at 43:42: Do inherited paragangliomas skip generations ?

Q 4 at 44:50: When you say early intervention for SDHB with regards to malignancy risk does “early” refer to tumor size or something else? Should neck lymph nodes be checked even if glomus vagale is not removed surgically?

Q 5 at 47:09: Can you comment on the difference in follow-up between patients who have a known mutation, and those who don’t? Is there a difference in approach?

Q 6 at 49:09: What is the success rate of surgery to remove a para following failure of radiation?

Q 7 at 51:42: Is there any guidance on expectation for a rate of tumor size reduction over time following stereotactic radiosurgery specifically glomus vagale with SDHB?

Q 8 at 53:16: For a patient with a carotid body tumor and an SDHB mutation, at what stage would you recommend surgery over the “watch and wait” approach?

Q 9 at 55:55: Do you consider the age of the patient when deciding on radiosurgery versus cold surgery, question for example risk of radiation young fertile female patient?