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Webinar Series – Episode 27

Special thanks to Lantheus Progenics for making this webinar series possible.

The information presented on this webinar is for educational purposes only and should not substitute the advice of your doctor(s) and medical team because they have in depth knowledge of your medical history and current situation.

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Questions and timing are below.

Q 1 at 41:19 Have you seen results with bony mets and this therapy?

Q 2 at 42:30 Do you have data on how long/effective Azedra is at stopping bone mets from growing/spreading?

Q 3 at 43:10 How does PRRT compare to Azedra?

Q 4 at 45:55 Do you think in the future people could be possibly combining these medications?

Q 5 at 47:16 My son had two doses in 2021 and we believe it has saved his life at this point. I am curious: Are patient data and results continually to be collected by all who use Azedra, and shared for the benefit of all patients?

Q 6 at 50:04 How are very extreme labile blood pressures managed?

Q 7 at 52:47 Is there any reason why I shouldn’t be prescribed Azedra?

Q 8 at 55:33 I have been living with a large paraganglioma which cannot be removed for safety reasons. Would this treatment benefit me and how?

Q 9 at 56:25 Does this disease tend to get worse with age?

Q 10 at 57:57 Why the blood — why does it affect the SAEs there?