webinar series – episode 10

The Link Between Pheo, Para & GIST
special thanks to progenics for making this webinar series possible through an educational grant.

The information presented on this webinar is for educational purposes only and should not substitute the advice of your doctor(s) and medical team because they have in-depth knowledge of your medical history and current situation.

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Q1: 44:05 – What is the typical surgical approach for tumors that has metastasized to the liver?
Q2: 45:45 – Are there symptoms that SDHB para patients should be aware of that might indicate GIST?
Q3: 47:51 – I was diagnosed with pheo para at age 17 and had surgery to remove the tumor that same year. My son was diagnosed at age 24. We both had genetic testing which confirmed we both had SDHB. I had no further monitoring until 2017 at the NIH and they found no evidence of disease. Do I need to have follow up monitoring for GIST, pheo or para. If so, what and how often?
Q4: 52:05 – I am SDHD with metastatic para. My daughter is in remission for colitis. Is there a correlation between colitis and GIST? Should she be scanned, if so how often?
Q5: 55:17 – Is there a relationship between schwannoma and paraganglioma?
Q6: 55:45 – What is on the horizon for GIST research and could it also help pheo para research?