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PPA Announces Collaboration with SDHB Pheo Para Coalition


Leadership from the Pheo Para Alliance and SDHB Pheo Para Coalition recently met and are strategizing ways to work collaboratively to further the missions of both organizations. The mission of the SDHB Pheo Para Coalition is to educate healthcare professional and patients on the SDHB genetic germline mutation as well as its role and impact on pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. The SDHB PheoPara Coalition is active in sponsoring and supporting research in this underserved area with the hope of finding better treatment options and/or a cure.  Learn more about the Coalition here.

Linda Rose-Krasnor, Chair of the PPA Board of Directors stated, “Given the rarity of pheo and para, it makes sense to band together with like-minded organizations to support patients and caregivers and assist clinicians and researchers to provide patients with excellent clinical care and better health outcomes.”  

Stay tuned for more information regarding this emerging collaboration.