November 2018 Newsletter

Pheo Para Alliance Launches New Patient-Focused Website

The world’s largest advocacy organization for one of the most misdiagnosed neuroendocrine
tumors has launched a new website featuring much-needed information on diagnosis and
treatment options for pheochromocytoma (pheo) and paraganglioma (para) patients.

Patient Highlights:

  • Patient Support Services & Partner Organizations
  • Updated Diagnostic & Treatment Information
  • Glossary of Terms

The new Pheo Para Alliance website, which officially launched November 10th to coincide with
NET Cancer Awareness Day, also provides ample opportunities for the entire pheo para
community to get engaged and support the Alliance’s global mission to advocate on behalf of its
patients and spread awareness amongst medical professionals.

Coming Soon! The Alliance is also making preparations to launch a new international Doctor
Tracker and Community Forum on the site where patients can share information and

To read more, download the November 2018 newsletter pdf here.