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Mr. Phearless Goes to Washington for SNMMI Hill Day!

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) held its annual Hill Day on Monday, April 24th in Washington, D.C. This event allows our members of Congress to hear directly from people in the communities they represent who work in or benefit from nuclear medicine.

This year, Pheo Para Alliance volunteers Karen Murdock and Patricia Horton, as well as our unofficial mascot, Phearless,  joined our Community Engagement Specialist (and SNMMI Patient Advocacy and Advisory Board member)  Aimee Powell to bring your perspectives and needs into this important conversation. They spent the day talking with members from California, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Wisconsin about how important nuclear imaging and therapies are to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like pheo para, and explaining that access to nuclear medicine and continued research in this area is crucial for improved outcomes.

“Nuclear Imaging, like the Dotatate PET/CT scan, is critical for early detection and the development of treatment plans for our community,” Karen said when speaking on the important of the FIND Act. “The Dotatate imaging can spot Pheos and paras long before they appear in MRIs and CT scans. I think it is really important for the members of Congress to understand that some facilities are no longer providing critical nuclear imaging because the reimbursement levels are so far below costs.  It would be such a shame to take a step back in patient care because of what looks to be a simple administrative issue.”

To learn more about legislative efforts currently under consideration that might affect our community, visit the Take Action page on our website. To learn about the FIND Act and other legislative concerns surrounding nuclear medicine, visit the SNMMI online!