My pheochromocytoma journey became in the late year of 2008. I didn’t have symptoms but a light fainting episode. I went to the hospital, received a cat scan. Upon checking the cat scan a mass on my left side was found. Nothing was addressed about the mass, and I was told me to go see my primary doctor. I arrived at the primary doctors office and had blood work done.

Once I received my blood work information all seemed fine. My heart rate was a little elevated.  Off to the cardiologist I went for further testing. The testing showed everything was ok. I was sent to 4-5 doctors to say nothing was wrong. I was told by one of them that I was delusional.

Finally after round and round with doctors that I wasn’t delusional the cardiologist looked further into it and decided to do a 24hr urine sample.

After 8 months of testing, going back and forth to doctors I finally was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma. I was placed on beta blockers and heart medication. My heart was racing, but I didn’t feel any symptoms. The surgery was done at U. Penn with Dr. Kendrick Mayurma in 2009. Presently, I have been pheo free for 12yrs. I am still on the road to continue to be healthy as I can be.  I am hoping my story helps someone who has or may go through something similar with dealing with doctors who don’t listen to the patient. That was a big problem I had during the 8-month process. It’s a journey no one will understand unless they go through it.

I hope this helps someone who can relate and we are all here together gracefully!