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Who is Involved?
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What is it?

August 21 – 25, 2023

Use the tabs to learn how you can participate on social media, tell your story, engage with others affected by attending our week-of events and fundraise for our mission!
The objectives of the week-long campaign are to:
• inspire & empower pheo para constituents to tell their story
• raise awareness of the illness among health care providers and educate patients
• create understanding of the struggles presented by the illness
2023 themes are:

#phutureforpheopara/#phuture4pheopara – to instill a feeling of hope for the future and progress toward better management of the disease
#pheoparaphorever – used to underscore the need for lifelong monitoring

#PPGLHCPs, #pheoparashoutouts – promotes awareness among healthcare providers and honors those who have gone above and beyond
#pheoparaphearless – this theme is part of every Awareness Week because we always strive to be phearless.

Special thanks to:

Who is Involved?
Because we are stronger united, all pheo para friends are invited to participate.  Patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, industry, and medical societies all contribute to the success of the campaign.
The following dedicated and passionate committee members are involved in planning the 4th Annual Awareness Week.
Committee members:
Layla Adrianovska, Lisa Anderson, Melanie Clement, Jenni Dreussi, Jenifer Hunt, Jenn Marchetti, Teena Price, Chad Riding, Shonna Snyder, Jenn Testamarck, Dr. Tanaz Vaghaiwalla
How You Can Help

Share on Social Media – One of the most important ways you can participate in Awareness Week is by sharing your story or our images and assets on your social media.  Click on the Social Media Assets link at the left to find and share images.

Post a video or written copy and image of your story or a moment during your journey to your social media which you found significant or impactful in 100 words or less and reference one of the hashtag themes below if it calls to you.

When sharing on social, don’t forget to:
• tag us @pheopara
• use hashtags #pheoparaphearless, #pheo, #para
• use theme hashtags #phutureforpheopara, #phuture4pheopara, #pheoparaphorever, #PheoParaAwarenessWeek, #PPGLHCPs, #pheoparashoutout
• ask your friends and family to share on their social

Below are other engaging, fun ways to participate, and check out our virtual events found on the What’s Going On tab!

Healthcare Provider Quiz: Science Phact or Science Phiction? – Test your pheo para knowledge.  This quiz was created to increase healthcare providers knowledge of the illness, but all are welcome to participate.  Take it, and/or share it!

Pheo Para Shout-Out: Recognize An Outstanding Provider or Team – Give a “Pheo Para Shout-Out” to show your appreciation for a doctor or team! Use the hashtags #PPGLHCPs, #pheoparashoutout and don’t forget to tag your providers — and us!

Fundraise Online
If sharing on social media isn’t your thing, you can also fundraise to support our mission online by donating on this webpage and sharing with your phriends and phamily!  You can also donate by text by sending the message ‘donatetopheo’ to 44321.  Finally, fundraise for us online via Facebook by starting your own Facebook fundraiser here!

Don’t forget to check out our shareable social media assets in the navigation bar!
Social Media Assets


Phuture Phactoids – Statistics & info about pheo para to share on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Sample Social Media Posts – We created some example posts to go with our Phuture Phactoids! Use them as-is, or as a basis for your own posts.

Social Media Profile Pics– Add one of these profile pics to your Facebook, Instagram & X (Twitter) accounts.  It’s a quick and easy way to show your support.

Healthcare Provider Quiz: Science Phact or Science Phiction? – Test your pheo para knowledge.  This quiz was created to increase healthcare providers knowledge of the illness, but all are welcome to participate.  Take it, and/or share it!

Pheo Para Shout-Out: Honor a Healthcare Provider or Team! – Do you know a doctor or team who went above and beyond? Let them know! We’ve created special “Pheo Para Shout-Out” certificates you can download and customize, or print out and take a photo. Don’t forget to post these on social using the hashtags #PPGLHCPs and #pheoparashoutout, and tag your provider and @pheopara!!

What is Pheo? Video – Download this video and share it!

What is Para? Video – Download this video and share it!


What's Going On?

One Hundred Years From Now: Imagining Our Phuture — Join us LIVE on Monday, August 21st as we kick off our 4th Annual Pheo Para Awareness Week by imagining our phuture!

This special video premieres on YouTube at 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern! To watch live and share your impressions as you watch, click here!

Back to the Phuture: A Pheo Para Pop Culture Retrospective – Throughout pop culture, pheo para has appeared more often than you might think! We take a look at who has talked about pheo para, what’s been said, and whether the pop culture dialog offers any lessons or inspiration for us going forward. Join us for the YouTube premiere on Monday, August 21st at 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern and take part in the conversation! Link coming SOON!!

Communicating Your Story For Phuture Benefit (Session 1 of 2) — Join us on Tuesday, August 22nd at 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern for a special interactive workshop designed to help you become better at sharing your personal story! Session 1 of 2. Register now!

Communicating Your Complicated Medical History (Featuring Pheo vs Fabulous) — Miranda from Pheo vs Fabulous will be joining us on Tuesday, August 22nd at 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern to give advice on how to talk to your healthcare provider(s) about your medical history. Link coming SOON!

AAES Pheo Para Awareness Week Webinar – The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons joins us for their annual contribution to Pheo Para Awareness Week on Wednesday, August 23rd at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern. Register today to submit your questions and receive the link to watch!

Communicating Your Story For Phuture Benefit (Session 2 of 2) — In our second session of 2, you’ll put your newly-acquired skills to the test by sharing a written piece and providing constructive feedback! This session takes place on Thursday, August 24th at 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern.Click here to join!

The Edge of Tomorrow: Visions of Our Phuture — We asked members of our Medical Advisory Board to tell us what medical advances might be coming in the next few years that could benefit our community — and to imagine what could be on the horizon. Hear their answers during a special YouTube premiere on Thursday, August 24th — link coming SOON!



Past Awareness Weeks

View videos from past Awareness Weeks below!

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