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Calling all Patients, Caregivers & Healthcare Providers!

Participate in Pheo Para Awareness Week, August 23-27!
Record a video reading the message below. Your video will help create a compilation video highlighting our theme,
“You are Not Alone.”
  • My name is (name) from (city, state, country), and I am a (patient/caregiver/healthcare provider).
  • A pheo or para diagnosis often comes with feelings of loneliness and isolation, but together we can create an international community of support to empower and inspire everyone with pheo or para. You may be rare, but you are not alone.

Say the words “paraganglioma” and “pheochromocytoma” by themselves.

Say the phrase, “I am pheo para fearless.”


We will edit and use portions of your video, so don’t worry about making it perfect, but please make sure you have good lighting, can be heard clearly and hold your phone sideways, in horizontal/landscape mode. Upload videos to or Google Drive and share with by JULY 20.

By participating, you agree to allow Pheo Para Alliance to use your likeness and edit your video for promotional materials.