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In Memory of David A. Stevens

David Aaron Stevens, the youngest child and only son of Mark and Ella Irene Stevens, was born on August 24, 1983, in Baltimore, MD. From childhood on, David was always a thinker; he was very focused and not easily distracted. When David put his mind to something, he was fearless. After graduating from Morgan State University where he earned a B.S. in Finance and an MBA, David moved to Northern Virginia where he met his wife Bethel. The two married in December 2014 and shortly after that David was diagnosed with a rare form of metastatic pheo which his doctors had not seen before and said was untreatable.

David was a loving husband, son, brother, uncle, friend and inspiration to so many. He was also a fierce protector of those dearest to him, a savvy negotiator, a “sports and gamer nerd” (his terminology), an entrepreneur, a mentor, a talented dancer and most of all an overcomer who fearlessly fought the pheo cancer diagnosis he received at just 32. However, David was determined not to adopt the illness as part of his identity and recognized that this was as much a mental battle as it was a physical one. Following the initial surgery, David went on to found his own business and also started writing a book. David was also a volunteer in the community where he mentored young elementary school kids.

Through the years that followed, grounded in his unwavering faith, David exhibited great strength and determination which served as an inspiration to all those who knew him. David fought metastatic pheo for over 5 years, enduring multiple surgeries to remove tumors in addition to a chronic digestive problem he dealt with over the last 3 years. Following complications from stomach surgery, David passed away on June 7th, 2021 surrounded by his family. After the heartbreaking news, David’s wife set up a memorial fund in David’s name and through the generous contributions of family and friends, a $5,000 donation was made to the Pheo Para Alliance. The funds will go towards research in the hope of getting one step closer to finding treatment options for those still fighting the disease.