Teena Price, BSc, BVMS, DACVP

Teena is a Veterinary Pathologist at Veterinary Diagnostics (VDx), in Davis, CA. She works in both the diagnostic pathology service and preclinical research. Teena graduated as a Veterinarian from Murdoch University in Western Australia in 1994, and spent the next 8-10 years working as a clinical veterinarian before making the leap into the pathology field, which she loves. Teena grew up in Tasmania, Australia, and moved to the US in 2004 to complete her pathology residency at UC Davis, fell in love with an American, and never left Davis. She has two young boys, a dog, and two cats, and loves hiking, and being outdoors with her family. Teena first came across the Pheo Para Troopers after her Mum was diagnosed with an abdominal paraganglioma in 2015. Her Mum was subsequently found to have a SDHB mutation, that Teena’s sister, and three of her nieces, and nephew also have. After what would have been her Mum’s 70th birthday in 2021 (she passed away in 2019 from a brain tumor), Teena decided to become more involved in the Pheo Para Alliance. She and her youngest son, Elias, started fundraising in Spring 2021, and Elias, who competes in Ninja Warrior, took it upon himself to “train” Teena to become a Ninja Warrior too! Apparently, you can teach old dogs new tricks. It’s been an amazing journey, which culminated in the Inaugural Pheo Para Ninja Warrior Competition that was held in September 2021 in California. Together they raised just shy of $10,000, and are looking forward to continuing their awareness and fundraising campaign into 2022 and beyond.