The mission of Pheo Para Alliance is to empower patients with pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma, their families and medical professionals through advocacy, education and a global community of support, while helping to advance research that accelerates treatments and cures for pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors.

As the highest leadership body of the organization, the board is expected to:
• Determine and fulfill the mission and purposes of the organization
• Select and evaluate the performance of the Executive Director
• Provide strategic and organizational planning
• Ensure strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
• Raise funds and develop strategic partnerships
• Approve and monitor Pheo Para Alliance’s programs, services and research activities
• Enhance Pheo Para Alliance’s public image
• Assess its own performance as the governing body of Pheo Para Alliance
Each individual board member is expected to:
• Know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs
• Follow the organization’s bylaws, policies and board resolutions
• Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements
• Serve as advocates and ambassadors for the organization to identify strategic relationships to support the organization’s mission
• Give a meaningful personal financial donation
• Participate in a fundraising campaign or appeal, such as a special event solicitation, direct mail or online appeal
• Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in board meetings
• Participate fully in one or more committees
• Cultivate relationships with potential board members
• Attend monthly board meetings by virtual meeting or phone and attend annual retreat in person
• Read, understand and adhere to the Volunteer Confidentiality Policy
• Read, understand and adhere to the Conflict of Interest Policy and provide conflicts annually
• Work in good faith with fellow board members and staff toward the achievement of the organization’s mission

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