Saundra Underwood

Saundra D. Underwood is the Founder and Principal Owner of Lady Alexandra Wellness
Concepts. What started out as a personal interest grew into a hobby and is now a full time
business for this natural born entrepreneur. The vision and mission was simple – create a line of
bath and body products with key ingredients from Mother Nature. Although the initial goal was
developing a skincare company, her mission became grander. Thus, the focus became all about
wellness after she attended massage school. Currently working as a licensed massage therapist
in her home based serenity massage studio she is able to care for others – a passion that began at
a very young age.

Growing up, Saundra wanted to become either a doctor or lawyer – both professions having the
noble goal of caring for others. However, after attending college and graduate school, Saundra
made a life changing decision. Forego a traditional career path to embark on a life of dreams and
adventure. In 1985 she became a Flight Attendant and was able to travel across the United
States, Canada, The Islands, Asia and Europe. During those years she had the opportunity to
become a runway model, appear in magazines as a hair model for Revlon, live in Paris, teach
English to foreigners, dance with a traveling modern dance troupe, write articles, essays, poems,
perform in poetry slams. Working as a temporary employee for major corporations she
eventually utilized her prior education conducting medical and legal research.

After more than forty years from her college graduation she has maintained her interest in the
medical establishment by being an active participant in medical research. She has been part of
the Black Women’s Health Study for over 30 consecutive years. She uses her knowledge,
experience and wisdom to advocate for healthy initiatives, teaching natural skincare classes,
promoting wellness through massage therapy and healthy nutrition.

Saundra currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and is working on an inspirational medical
guide/journal chronicling her diagnosis of pheochromocytoma. Following her diagnosis and
recovery she has become active with the Pheo Para Alliance first as a volunteer and now as a
member of Inclusion Diversity Equity Accessibility (IDEA).

Ms. Underwood attended the University of Cincinnati where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in
Psychology and is a graduate of Capital University Law School. In her spare time she enjoys
watching historical documentaries, bike riding, walking in nature and reading.