Attiya Khan

Attiya is a consultant and speaker on domestic violence prevention, focussed on solutions that include both survivors and people who have been abusive. Her 2017 documentary film A Better Man, where she engages with the person who harmed her, helped to spark new conversations about domestic violence around the world. Previously she served as a shelter worker, a counselor and an advocate for domestic violence survivors.


Attiya was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma in December 2016, after years of experiencing increasingly debilitating, painful symptoms without a diagnosis and repeated challenges in getting many healthcare providers to take her concerns seriously. After an internist she met at a friend’s gathering suggested she get tested for pheochromocytoma, she was diagnosed and quickly scheduled for surgery. Her right adrenal gland, along with the tumour, was successfully removed in March 2017. She has been pheo-free ever since. The repeated dismissive narrative from the medical community, that she was experiencing panic attacks, has led to her desire to share her story to as many people as possible. Her short film, The Last Episode, documents her struggle with the disease and is intended to serve as an educational resource for patients, advocates, and care providers.