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Webinar Series – Episode 32

The information presented on this webinar is for educational purposes only and should not substitute the advice of your doctor(s) and medical team because they have in depth knowledge of your medical history and current situation.

Questions and timing are below.

Q 1 at 42:37 “What are the risks of secondary cancers after radiosurgery? What is the likelihood that repeat treatment will be needed?”

Q 2 at 44:00 “How much is too much radiosurgery as it pertains to radiation-induced cancer?”

Q 3 at 45:08 “Can treatment be done at any radiosurgery center or do you need to find a place that specializes in paragangliomas?”

Q 4 at 47:56 “Is radiosurgery possible if a patient has been told their tumor is inoperable and, if so, what would the approach be?”

Q 5 at 51:36 “How would you characterize ‘high volume’ when talking about the number of paraganglioma patients a center treats each year?”

Q 6 at 53:27 “After radiosurgery, how often should a patient get ‘eyes to thighs’ scans?”

Q 7 at 54:24 “Are they any limitations for radiosurgery, like size of the tumor, patient age, etc.?”

Q 8 at 55:22 “Are there any location where radiosurgery is a worse – or better – treatment choice?

Q 9 at 56:20 “Does radiosurgery offer the potential for long-term control of tumors (15-20 years or more)?”