NET Cancer Day

Pheo para is a neuroendocrine tumor (NET).

World NET Cancer Day is an annual event held on the 10th of November, created to increase awareness of Neuroendocrine (NET) cancers and to provide a voice to the NET community for improved diagnostics, treatments, information, care and research. World NET Cancer Day is about drawing attention to this uncommon form of cancer and starting a global conversation amongst communities, medical professionals and governments – #LetsTalkAboutNets. 

“Let’s Talk About NETs” invites NET patients around the world to inspire their friends, families, clinicians and local communities to become ambassadors for NET cancer in order to help make a difference. 

Learn more about how you can participate here.

World NET Cancer Day is coordinated by the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA). INCA is the global voice for Neuroendocrine cancer (NET) patients and carers with a mission to: raise awareness about all types of NETs; push for scientific advancements with a focus on identified unmet needs; and to provide a platform for global collaboration to address the many challenges NET patients and the medical community face, in securing a timely diagnosis and accessing optimal treatment, support and care. INCA represents 26 member organisations from 22 countries located around the globe.