2022 Virtual Pheo Para Conference

You can now view all sessions from our 2022 Virtual Pheo Para Conference here on our website without registering! Please note: most of the presenters’ slides can be found here.


The Pheo Para Universe from A to Z – CRASH! Course in Pheo Para Superheroes

The Incredibles: A Phearless Phamily Story – Pheo Para Genetics

X-Ray Vision – Imaging for Pheo Para:

Keeping Your Incredible Hulk Under Control & What Happens When It’s Not – Pre-Surgical Preparation & Hypertensive Crisis

POOF! WOW! – It’s Gone! Pheo Para Surgical Treatment

Treating our Small, but Mighty Superheroes – Pheo Para Pediatrics

Zap! Can Nuclear Medicine Give You Superpowers? – Non-Surgical Treatment of Metastatic & Unresectable Pheo Para

Living With Not-So-Super Symptoms – Adrenal Insufficiency After Bilateral Adrenalectomy

The Phuture for Pheo Para Superheroes – Clinical Trials & Research on the Horizon

The Pheo Para Superheroes Have Spoken – Listen Up! – Data Presented on SCOPPE Patient Survey

Wow! Ask the Pheo Para Superhero Whizzes – A Q&A Session