2022 Virtual Pheo Para Conference

You can now view all sessions from our 2022 Virtual Pheo Para Conference here on our website without registering! Please note: most of the presenters’ slides can be found here.

To view captions in another language click on the cog wheel (settings) on the video screen you would like to watch, then click Subtitle/CC and chose your language.


The Pheo Para Universe from A to Z – CRASH! Course in Pheo Para Superheroes

The Incredibles: A Phearless Phamily Story – Pheo Para Genetics

X-Ray Vision – Imaging for Pheo Para:

Keeping Your Incredible Hulk Under Control & What Happens When It’s Not – Pre-Surgical Preparation & Hypertensive Crisis

POOF! WOW! – It’s Gone! Pheo Para Surgical Treatment

Treating our Small, but Mighty Superheroes – Pheo Para Pediatrics

Zap! Can Nuclear Medicine Give You Superpowers? – Non-Surgical Treatment of Metastatic & Unresectable Pheo Para

Living With Not-So-Super Symptoms – Adrenal Insufficiency After Bilateral Adrenalectomy

The Phuture for Pheo Para Superheroes – Clinical Trials & Research on the Horizon

The Pheo Para Superheroes Have Spoken – Listen Up! – Data Presented on SCOPPE Patient Survey

Wow! Ask the Pheo Para Superhero Whizzes – A Q&A Session