Courtney Kelly

Courtney Kelly was diagnosed with a Pheochromocytoma in 2019 after months of seeing Dr’s
for debilitating headaches, sweating, weight and hair loss. Being told she had “anxiety”, “white
coat syndrome” and “menopause” she knew in her gut something was wrong.

After a yoga class with girlfriends, her left arm and left side of her face went numb and she
ended up in the ER with blood pressure of 210/110.

Thankfully her ER Dr. tested her for a Pheo.

Courtney has found inspiration in speaking with medical students through Global Genes Allies and
Rare Diseases . She’s also committed to helping newly diagnosed patients embrace their
journeys of diagnosis, surgery and recovery through the Pheo Para Alliance.

Courtney is currently in a study for the effects of Pheochromocytoma on Central Serous