The Pheo Para Alliance (PPA) welcomes research that will advance our knowledge of pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas, as well as investigations that will help patients and their
families cope with their condition.
Patient-Focused Research Program Objectives:
1. To provide feedback to investigators during all phases of a research cycle to ensure their work is patient-centered and useful, leading to greater use of research results by patients and the broader
healthcare community.
2. To provide a platform for investigators to share their opportunity for the pheo para community to participate in research.

The Pheo Para Alliance asks investigators who seek patient-centered feedback or who seek a platform to share volunteer research opportunities to provide the information below. This information will be used to inform our patient population about the study. Recruitment can be more successful when patients understand in lay terms their commitment, the aims of the research, and how it might help them and provide answers to the pheo para population in the future.

Research Opportunity Inquiry (for investigators)

The purpose of this program is to share information with our patient population. We do not endorse any particular study or research.

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