Cancer inhibition – decrease in growth and division of cancerous cells

DNA is cell’s instruction manual that is made up of four different molecules: adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). These molecules can be arranged in different order called sequence.

DNA sequencing is a technology that allows scientists to untangle (or decode/figure out) the exact order of A, T, G, and C molecules in a DNA. DNA sequence information is essential to scientists investigating the functions of genes.

Drug repurposing – sometimes also called drug repositioning or drug re-profiling, is a process of finding new therapeutic use for existing and available drugs. The strategy of using existing drug for a new indication is much more cost effective and time saving.

Gene is a certain number of DNA molecules ordered in a particular way that gives a cell an instruction how to make a protein which will then take part in a desired (or necessary/needed/specified/ essential) cell’s action e.g. to move, to grow, to spread, to die.

Gene perturbation – editing or silencing a specific gene by molecular biology methods to explore a function of this gene in a particular cell type