Finding an experienced pheo para medical team is one of the most important decisions you will make in your journey.  We are here to help.  This program connects patients with institutions providing top-notch care.

The Pheo Para Specialized Clinical Center/Center of Excellence program provides an environment where patients receive the best possible pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma care through a geographically diverse network of clinical centers.  In addition to clinical and wellness services, the centers provide professional and lay education in the areas they serve, work with the Pheo Para Alliance in its efforts to continually improve the lives of those affected by the illness, and support clinical research efforts.

The Center of Excellence Program was recently launched in March of 2021.  Many more centers will be announced throughout the year.  Reach out to the Pheo Para Alliance at with questions.

If you are a center interested in applying for a designation from Pheo Para Alliance, you can find more information here.

Center of Excellence

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Salt Lake City, UT – Announced May 2021!

Brynn Coffey, Patient Care Coordinator, 801-587-5554

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More centers coming soon!