University of Pennsylvania

Center of Excellence Applicant Scoring

  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - 24-hour urine or plasma metanephrines, genetic testing, MRI/CT, FDG PET/CT, 123I-MIBG, SSTR-based imaging, such as 68Ga- DOTATATE/DOTATOC
  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - surgical capability for: open adrenalectomy, laparoscopic adrenalectomy, partial laparoscopic (cortical sparing) adrenalectomy, resection of abdominal/pelvic paraganglioma, resection of head/neck paraganglioma, stereotactic radiosurgery, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, re-operative partial adrenalectomy Nonsurgical: chemotherapy, targeted therapy, external beam radiation, referral to institution able to provide treatments not available at applicant institution, referral to clinical trials offsite or at center. 131I-iobenguane and emerging off-label treatments are not required but considered in review of application.
  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - Endocrinologist, Endocrine/ENT/Urology and Vascular Surgeons, Anesthesiologist, Intensive Care Specialist, Genetic Counselor, Oncologist, Cardiologist, Nuclear Medicine Physician, Radiologist, Psychology/Psychiatry, Hypertension Specialist, Pediatrician (if pediatric designation), Radiation Oncologist, Nephrologist, Geneticist, Neurosurgeon, Interventional Radiologist, Pathologist, pediatric expertise, Maternal/Fetal High-Risk Obstetrics, Palliative Care, Cardiac Surgeon
  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - Maintains an active pheo para related research program with a history of publications in natural history, comparative treatment outcomes, genetics/genomics, translational research, metabolomics, immunology, experimental animal models, imaging, and/or clinical drug trials.
  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - Provide patients access to resources to support overall health to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Examples may include: access to educational seminars, support groups, social worker, education on financial resources, nutritionist, survivorship program, etc.
  • RECOMMENDED STANDARDS - Examples may include: medical updates communicated to primary care physician, multi-disciplinary tumor board which meets regularly and provides formal documentation of outcomes, central scheduling and coordinated appointments.
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