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Care Kit Phundraiser

July 9-16, 2023

Will you donate to support newly diagnosed patients?

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A pheo or para diagnosis often comes with feelings of isolation and anxiety. Our Newly Diagnosed Care Kit Program is a safety net for patients who don’t know where to turn or how to get information. Our care kits are sent free of charge to patients in the US and Canada. They include educational information about the illness, information about programs and resources, supportive items to help them during their journey. Finally, each kit comes with a supportive note from a pheo para patient.

Although each kit is lovingly sent out by a patient, there are costs associated with this critical program. Last year, we sent out over 200 care kits! Costs such as printing of educational information, packaging supplies and shipping add up quickly.

Donate here to support newly diagnosed patients!

Watch this video to learn more about how care kits help patients during their journey.