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Gainesville, FL Regional Conference

October 28, 2023

Join us in person for a rare opportunity for patients to learn in-person about the illness and connect with other patients.  Information is presented by knowledgeable local providers and world-renowned experts in pheo and para.  Agendas cover a broad range of topics on the illness including symptoms, diagnosis, genetics, and treatment options.  All patients and caregivers are welcome. This conference will not be live streamed or recorded.

Want to attend but need help getting there? We’re offering a limited number of travel grants to those wishing to join us! After registering, click here to apply.

8:00 – Meet & Greet Reception/Breakfast

8:30 – Welcome – Stephanie Alband, Pheo Para Alliance & Dr. Hans Ghayee, Endocrinologist, UF Health

8:40 – Keynote Speaker, Dr. Karel Pacak, NIH – Pearls & Myths in Management of Pheo Para

9:05 – Intro to Pheo – Dr. Juan Pablo Perdomo Rodriguez, Endocrinologist, UF Health

9:30 – Genetic Counseling – Lisa Brown, Genetic Counselor, UF Health

9:55 – Surgical Aspects of Pheo – Dr. Aditya Shirali, Endocrine Surgeon, UF Health


10:15 – Head and Neck Paraganglioma and Surgical Options – Dr. Peter T Dziegielewski, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon, UF Health

10:40 – Radiation to Head and Neck PGL/ Lutathera – Dr. Kathryn Hitchcock, Radiation Oncologist, UF Health

11:05 – Chemotherapy Options in Metastatic Pheo – Dr. Brian, Oncologist, UF Health

11:30 – Symptoms of Pheo, Yet No Tumor – Dr. Hans Ghayee, Endocrinologist, UF Florida

11:55 – Closing – Stephanie Alband, Pheo Para Alliance

12:00-1:00 – Patient Support Group

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