Awareness Week: Pheo vs Fabulous

August 23, 2022

Live via Instagram: Our ever-phabulous phriend Miranda Simard will be broadcasting with advice on how to find and nurture your inner superhero!

Miranda describes herself as “terminal and thriving.” After being diagnosed with pheochromocytoma at age 19, she was misdiagnosed with anxiety and, four years later, was told her original tumor had metastasized. This journey led her to create “Pheo vs Fabulous,” a blog that manages to give readers an honest and unflinching look at life with metastatic neuroendocrine cancer while promoting positivity, self-acceptance, self love, and self care.

Miranda lives in Quebec, Canada with her husband, Serge, aka “Dr. Cupcakes.” Serge will join Miranda during the presentation to discuss being a husband first, and a caregiver second. Together, they will be sharing the superpower mindset that gets them through their toughest times.

To join Miranda live on August 23rd, 2022 at 7 PM US Eastern/4 Pacific, just click this link!