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Pheo Para Alliance Designates University of Iowa Health Care as Pheo Para Center of Excellence

Pheo Para Alliance has designated University of Iowa Health Care as a Center of Excellence for pediatric and adult cancers, the first designation made in Iowa and the surrounding states. The Center of Excellence Program recognizes institutions worldwide for providing cutting-edge, quality, multi-disciplinary care and participating in pheochromocytoma (pheo) or paraganglioma (para) related research.

“We’re honored to be recognized as a national leader in neuroendocrine tumor research and patient care through this designation as a Pheo Para Center of Excellence,” says Joseph Dillon, MD, professor of internal medicine – endocrinology and metabolism at UI Health Care.

Pheo and para are rare slow-growing neuroendocrine tumors that if left untreated can metastasize, and ultimately lead to death. Yet it often takes patients with pheo or para many years to be diagnosed. Called “the great mimic,” pheo para symptoms can manifest in countless other illnesses, often leading to a delayed diagnosis.

“A diagnosis of a rare but serious disease like pheo or para is scary for patients,” says Dillon. “Patients with pheo or para frequently need care from multiple specialists and want to be seen by a coordinated team of experts. The Pheo Para Center of Excellence program can help patients connect with institutions like UI Health Care that can provide the high-level, comprehensive, care they need.”