Sharif Taha works in scientific communication at NantBioScience, an LA-based biopharma company focused on developing cancer diagnostics and therapies. Sharif’s professional background includes experience in the biotech, philanthropic, and academic sectors. Before joining NantBioScience, Sharif was a Program Officer at the Kavli Foundation, a nonprofit foundation supporting basic scientific research in nanoscience, neuroscience, and astrophysics.

Prior to his work at the Kavli Foundation, Sharif conducted neuroscience research at the University of Utah, where he focused on understanding brain mechanisms underlying addiction. Sharif was trained in neurobiology and physiology and received his Ph.D. from UC San Francisco. Sharif’s family has been affected by pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma, and he looks forward to increasing patient awareness and research efforts focused on the disease through his work with the Troopers.